Godly Living:


As a student of Charis Bible College:


I accept that the Holy Spirit is continuing the work He started at Pentecost empowering me to live a godly life and continue in all the works of Jesus.


I accept that all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correction and training in righteousness.


I believe that grace gives me the power to overcome sin, not indulge in it.


I accept the responsibility of representing the Kingdom of God and Charis Bible College with integrity and honesty by being a positive Christian role model in judgment, dignity, respect and Christian living. I acknowledge that this includes, but is not limited to, abstaining from such activities as the abuse of alcohol, use of illicit drugs, the consumption of pornography, lying and deceptive behavior.


I believe that life begins at conception and must be protected. I believe that marriage is a permanent and exclusive consecrated union between one man and one woman established by God, and intrinsically ordained towards procreation. I further believe that the sexual act outside of this marital bond is prohibited as sinful.


I believe that God created humankind in His image, male and female; biologically and sexually different but with equal personal dignity. I therefore view any rejection of one’s biological sex and any attempt to physically change, alter or deny one’s biological sex from conception as forbidden by God’s Word and His creation order.


I accept that all people are created equally in God’s image. Any behavior contrary to this view including, but not limited to, racism, causing physical harm or bullying, or sexual harassment or assault will not be tolerated.


I understand and agree with this doctrinal statement as defined by Charis Bible College policies. I accept that this statement is representative of the Charis’ Christian ethos, with which it defines itself as a Christian organization. I further agree with and accept the statement of Godly living, recognizing that breach of its terms may result in exclusion from the College or other form of discipline.